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may mga times talaga na kelangang magsalita at kelangang manahimik nalang,

lahat naman kasi ng bagay may katapusan, kasiyahan man yan o kalungkutan.

kaya chill lang!

Everybody feels different about themselves, one way or another. But we’re all going the same way. Just taking different road to get there.
Queenie -  ”the curious case of Benjamin Button”
being sure of yourself is when you ask yourself and listen to the answer

just pretend it doesn’t hurt.

well maybe, just maybe,


a writer is the sum of their experiences. go get some.
Bill Borgens

when you know you love someone and he or she loves you,

never let em go.

Yes, life can be though, situations can be rough, but parting is never an answer as well as you can never take back what has been done already.

Don’t you ever think how lucky you are to be with someone you love? yet you want to run away from em?

Cause when a time comes that you won’t have any possible way to see or to be with that person anymore, even though you sell the world to have just a single moment with em, you can never have.

regrets are not something that exist in the past nor the present, but the future.

make every second worthwhile.


"promise bukas na talaga" - sick and tired of this line. swear i just need a couple months of food suppression and i’ll change my line to "i workout to eat all the foods i like", i mean that’s amazing isn’t it? a luxury lifestyle with a taste of being fit? 


twas 3:30 on the clock, eye’s been unshut for about 17 hours now, and i’m thinking, what should i be doing this hours if it’s in the 80’s or 90’s. don’t even have time to say good evening,



my priorities are eating me alive,

work hard, play hard, no time for love and sleep,

i know i’ll be dead someday, but please not too soon,

that’s why they call it, LIVE.LOVE.LAUGH.