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sometimes, we just remember those things we want to and forget those we don’t want. but life’s like a huge beyotch database that keeps record and reminding every single day. i just hope it works during exams at least.

twas so sickening!

 what's worst in having nothing to do? you always go back to what you used to do. and what's the worst of the worst's part? things won't be the same as it always used to.

never talk to me as if you know everything about me when you don’t. the facts are just between God and me only. All your stupid commentaries are not necessary.

never talk clean and lecture me about being someone that you are not and stop washing your hands with mud cause it insults me.

i know i shouldn’t, but i just can’t hold it. emotions are rather deadly than deceiving, Lord i’m afraid, terrified by my feelings and the things that i can do.



the world is not ours, never been, and will never be. the fact kind of frustrate me and  slap my inner consciousness on how things in this world really works. that although we work so hard to keep up and try to grasp the little globe to our hands, we just can’t hold it. but instead, it crash us to pieces whenever we comes in its way. the world is rude, and the world is us, stepping and drowning each and everyone with greed and unjust. shame.

whatever you choose to do, don’t forget what they’d expect of you
Reggie Munroe

it’s not good to have everything. it’s better to get something or just take nothing. what’s important is that you make anything worth while having.

not just because you’re not in a relationship, you will not be affected. minsan kasi kahit sarili mong damdamin hindi mo alam na meron na palang ibig sabihin, you’re just to drugged by the happiness it gave you to notice that a space in your heart has already been occupied. bad thing about love, it’s unpredictable. at the moment you realized it, it’s already gone, long gone. and it hurts to have regrets.

saying there’s a storm yet there’s no single drop of rain and expecting a good weather then suddenly it started to rain, just how unpredictable rain ca be, life can also be. but every action comes a reason and in every situation a blessing can be shown.