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times when love means nothing,

peaceful as you can imagine.

times when love means everything,

everything is missing,



the world has changed, and none of us can go back. all we can do is our best. and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over
Peggy Carter

abide by pride, all people gain courage inside
lucky are the one’s who survive, heroes are the one’s who die,
each gain sympathy, each gain honor
different ways but same color
abide by pride, all people gain courage inside
not all apples in an apple tree goes ripe
yet another flaws of courage in disguise

art of battle photoshopped,


i really need to develop some life changing. my world’s turning upside down in my little ego box of mine.


the moment you are hopeless, that’s blessing.
when every color turns to gray , that’s care.
when you’re at your most vulnerable time, that’s strength.
when it started to hurt, that’s love.
the moment you entrust everything to Him, that’s the moment you ‘re already winning.
It’s overwhelming. sarap ng feeling.
Thank you Lord!


things happen, things don’t happen

some wanted, some unwanted, others unexpected

but some things just can’t be the way how it used to be

just like when the damage has been done, what’s the use of sorry


walang pagmamahal na perpekto pero wala ding pagmamahal na puno ng takot at lungkot

nakakalungkot, sobrang nakakalungkot.


your life is yours and your decisions are yours to make


life can be rude most of the time but as long as no man is an island, everything will be just fine. 

a dream you dream alone is only a dream. but a dream we dream together is reality.
Miley Cyrus’s date, Jesse, on VMA 2014