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we crashed, i looked into his eyes.

we change ‘hi’s, and tell pretty goodbyes.

we loved, we shared, we commit and agreed.

time seemed to passed us by.

now what we shared are unlimited fights,

he’s is then cold as ice.

we’re waiting, wondering.

walking on a crossroad, confusing.

the end is waiting.


android here, android there, android everywhere.

word of yesterday, word of the day, and word of tomorrow.

crazy day huh? thesis makes me cray!

can you wake me up when August end?

don’t disturb me until then.



yung pakiramdam ng may kelangan kang gawin pero hindi mo kaya?

e yung may gusto kang gawin pero hindi pwede?

pano naman yung nag iisang taong inaasahan mo ayaw kang kausapin?

men. this day’s a legend.

wasted legend.

urgh xx

 smart people don't need smart people to know that they are smart, understanding not knowledge are the real challenge of being smart

battle here, battle there, inside out, and battles everywhere,

non-stop, doubled and worsened.

Lord, please remind me how to stand, and walk and talk for the first time.

Let yours not mine be done.

Beforehand, please let me cry on you just for tonight.

Goodnight cause i’m tired. Dead tired inside 😔


yung dimo na alam ang pinagkaiba ng bukas at mamaya?

thesis pa!


for(God=faith; God>trials; God++]
echo”Have $God”

Dear Eternal Map, my God is bigger than you, we will overcome this for the glory of God that even the dead will sing of His grace.

Dear Thesis, my God is greater than you that even sickness will be healed by just declaring in His name. 

Dear Trials, we may be physically and mentally weak but God will be the source of our strength and wisdom as we faithfully seek.

(no offense sa mga programmers, but seriously? get a life) 


pag tinulak, umiibo.

pag umibo, magbabago.

pag nagbago, iiyak, tatawa,

sa huli, puso parin ang huhusga.


 eyes can lie but heart can't hide